Zeolita Clinoptilolita

"ZN-006" "ZN-100"
"ZN-018" "ZN-325"

It is a 100% natural volcanic rock that works as a chelate in soils: it unlocks nutrients, making them available; levels the pH, retains moisture and fertilizer for a longer time, avoiding losses. Due to its porous structure, it improves the physical characteristics of the soils, preventing them from compacting. It does not replace fertilizer, but provides micro-nutrients that enrich the soil and promote better plant development, as well as an increase in productivity and a longer shelf life.

In LIVESTOCK it levels the pH and reduces the humidity of the food bolus and therefore in the excreta, favoring a better assimilation of the nutrients. It also inhibits odors caused by ammonia, thus reducing morbidity and increasing productivity.

In AQUACULTURE it reduces the ammonia content generated by fish excreta, being an excellent alternative for the replacement of activated carbon, whose cost is much higher.

HOWEVER, there are many types of zeolites according to their structure, so not all of them work effectively, and the results may vary.