Plague control

Pests and diseases have always existed, but they were kept in a balance that intensive agriculture has disrupted. Traditional controls are only applied when the problem has an economic effect and production is jeopardized; then, insecticides seek to exterminate the pest, severely damaging the environment and generating mutations and resistance.

To replace traditional pesticides and to reduce their impact, minerals are a useful, cheap and ecological alternative. They are effective against mites, whiteflies, thrips and aphids, among others. They do not generate resistance since they act mechanically, allowing their constant application in all crop phases; thus being potentiated and mixed with other compounds.

Furthermore, due to their natural origin, minerals do not have reentry time or toxicity; they can be used both preventively and for control purposes, as long as they are applied correctly.

Given these benefits, undoubtedly minerals cannot be left aside in our pest and disease management!