Zinc and iron complex

FerroZinc MAX® is a mineral complex composed mostly of zinc, iron and silicon, the former being essential for the structure and enzymatic function of plants.

As occurs when there are deficiencies of any macro or micro element in plant nutrition, when zinc availability is limited - generally at pH greater than 6.5 - the yield and quality of the crops can decrease by up to 20%. Zinc is also essential for the development of grains and in the production of seeds.

The application of FerroZinc MAX® enhances photosynthesis, preventing and completely correcting zinc and iron chlorosis. Because it is a 100% natural product, it does not salinize or wear out soils, and can be applied in all types of soils and climates, mainly in hot and semi-hot areas and for all types of crops; it also increases the tolerance of the plant towards pathogens present in soils.