Shrimp stimulator

Bio-Caridea is a source of mineral nutrition that rapidly stimulates the reproduction, growth and flowering of phytoplankton and bacteria. This way, oxygen levels are naturally regulated while providing an important supply of nutrients to the shrimp. Bio-Caridea is 100% NATURAL, so it does not contaminate the environment with the presence of chemical carriers.

Bio-Caridea is also an important source of silicon, which is a scarce nutrient in the marine environment, but nevertheless, it is essential for diatom algae that use it to form their structure; It also provides considerable levels of calcium, necessary in the mineralization of the exoskeleton of crustaceans and speeds up the reproduction and development of algae through a high supply of magnesium, which is a fundamental element in the chlorophyll molecule.

Bio-Caridea works for all types of crops, being compatible with the supplies and main techniques practiced in aquaculture and significantly reducing water exchange cycles.