ZEOFERT® Mineral Fertilizer

ZeoFert® is an integral mineral starter fertilizer, containing most of the nutrients necessary to obtain an unsurpassed production in volume and quality. It is suitable for all types of soils although at significantly lower costs than any chemical fertilizer of similar composition. Due to its mineral origin, ZeoFert® is a 100% NATURAL product of low solubility, so its useful life is longer. However, its operation in the soil - as long as the optimal conditions of temperature, humidity and a suitable pH level exist - IS IMMEDIATE. ZeoFert® does not burn the plant, it does not kill beneficial microorganisms, but it does improve the soil structure and level the pH.

In addition to a significant content of major elements, ZeoFert® provides the full range of micro-elements necessary for optimal crop development, as well as humic and fulvic acids, which enrich and amend worn soils, generating a considerable increase in productivity.

ZeoFert® is manufactured in two presentations: granular and powder, the latter being of easier and faster assimilation by the plant. Likewise, apart from having the ZeoFert® line, in Zeolitech we are the only ones that adapt to your needs, offering you personalized mixtures - with or without a nitrogen source - according to your soil analysis.