Minerals are essential to the construction industry as they are precisely the raw material for manufacture of cement, spokes and countless other products. Minerals such as barite, bentonite or dolomite - for instance - are used in drilling.

Lately however, the zeolites are becoming of greater importance every day for this industry, due to their hygroscopic qualities and ability to level the pH. These characteristics favor zeolites as a primordial ingredient - in combination with other alkaline earth metals - for the production of a high quality soil stabilizer, ideal to use previous a construction of heavy structures of great magnitude.

Applied on its own, dehydrated zeolite mixed with cement creates a homogeneous porous structure of high resistance although much lighter than conventional concrete. Furthermore, the zeolites distribute moisture uniformly during the consolidation and curing processes of the concrete, providing a greater strength and compression to the construction, thereby being able to replace up to 40% of the pozzolan.