ZEOFOL® mineral fertilizer for fertigation

μZeoFol® is a mineral complex for use in fertigation - either by sprinkling or dripping - which, in addition to providing macro-nutrients, adds a significant amount of micro-elements, essential for optimal crop development. It also contains humic and fulvic acids, which enrich and amend worn soils, as well as available silicon, which develops the defense and hormonal mechanisms of the plant. Due to the above, the use of μZeoFol® increases the yield of the crops, lengthening the shelf life of the products and increasing the consistency and the Brix degrees of the fruit, and therefore, its quality.

μZeoFol® is ideal for use in all types of climates and soils, because due to its 100% NATURAL mineral origin, it does not affect microbial flora, does not salinize soils or increase electrical conductivity and, unlike a chemical, it does not burn the plant. It also stabilizes the pH, favors soil aeration - and with it, root development -, unlocks nutrients, making them available to the plant and thanks to its application via fertigation, nutrition is gradual and balanced.

Despite its low solubility, μZeoFol® is immediately taken by the plant whenever there is adequate humidity, temperature and pH.