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ABSOLUTELY ALL CHEMICAL NUTRIENTS come from MINERALS, except for nitrogen (N), which is derived from petroleum or nitrifying bacteria and living beings excreta.

Initially, however, the industry rejected the use of minerals since the utility derived from these is significantly lower than that of chemically modified "finished" products.

Furthermore, a mineral performance for nutrition is as good as any chemical fertilizer - only cheaper - for all plants feed based on saturation differential in soil; in other words, the way a plant takes its nutrients is through positive and negative charges (cations and anions) in a solution. In order to have optimum conditions for this nutrition serum, it is essential to have a suitable temperature, humidity, pH and Cation Exchange Capacity.

Once there are the above mentioned conditions and a mineral is mixed up into soil and dissolved into the "serum", the plant will feed from it in the exactly same way than it feeds from a chemical fertilizer, since it does not distinguish between a chemical or mineral source - it only detects the nutrients it needs as cations or anions.