Products for agriculture and livestock

A zeolite is a 100% natural volcanic rock that retains moisture and fertilizers for a longer period of time, avoiding losses. Because of its porous structure it improves soils percolation properties, preventing them from compaction. Zeolites DO NOT replace a fertilizer, although they provide micro-nutrients that enrich soils and contribute to a healthier plant development, hence increasing productivity and enlarging the shelf life of the final product.

In LIVESTOCK zeolites level the pH and reduce moisture from the food bolus by adsorbing it, thereby hardening the excreta and favoring a better assimilation of nutrients. They also inhibit odors caused from ammonia gasses, thus reducing certain incidences and raising productivity.

In AQUACULTUREzeolites are used as a filtration media, being an excellent alternative to activated carbon - whose costs are significantly higher - since they remove in the most successful manner the ammonia content generated in the fish excreta.

NEVERTHELESS, BE AWARE since there are many types of zeolites according to their structure and not all of them will be suitable and will function properly for certain applications, resulting in a variation of the benefits.