In order to fulfill our objective to sensitize the producer on a more sustainable and clean agriculture we have developed a series of workshops on mineral application in the agricultural sector. Following this program we successfully held on Saturday January 24th a training seminar on mineral fertilization that was given to a group of producers in the municipality of Villagran, state of Guanajuato.Continue reading

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It is our mission to meet the expectations of customers, so after repeated requests we finally extended our range of minerals and added a new product to the ZEOLITECH family: diatomite or diatomaceous earth. Also, in an effort to continue our quality policy, we guarantee - as in all of our products - the composition and purity of the product, containing more than 82% silica; thereby ensuring our diatomite efficiency in the agricultural sector. Continue reading

As every year we conclude this edition of the Expo splendidly, since besides an unprecedented attendance of people related to the agroindustrial media, we are extremely proud that every day more and more producers and entrepreneurs demonstrate their interest in applying mineral in the agro sector. Besides running into a considerable amount of interested people, we are pleased to see that day after day the producers are better able to meet the challenges of modern agriculture. Continue reading

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